Electronic cigarettes, while not necessarily marketed as healthier substitutes to tobacco cigarettes, are definitely the cleaner alternative. Finding the best electronic cigarette brand means you’re finding vape mods that follow in the footsteps of other products that provide a cleaner smoking experience. When using an electronic cigarette, you don’t get the ashy residue or odor that accompanies a traditional cigarette and is reliant only on the battery it’s connected to. Because these are non-combustible products, their entire operation is electronic and doesn’t require a flame for operation leading to decreased fire hazard risks and a lack of dangerous second hand smoke.

parts_of_an_electronic_cigaretteMany smokers have used one of the best electronic brands available to not only make the transition but to help them wean of smoking altogether. Though the FDA has yet to rule on the efficacy of such products, many have used electronic cigarettes as cessation products to successfully quit their smoking habit for good. Because electronic cigarettes have a lower concentration of nicotine when compared to nicotine gum, patches, and medication; users have found greater success by controlling the amount of nicotine they take in.

As the industry is proliferated by an influx of various brands and kits, it can be quite the task in finding the best electronic cigarette brand. Novice and even veteran vapers have a time-consuming task that’s nearly impossible without at least a bit of insight into what the best brands are. Some of the criteria that many electronic cigarettes take into account a variety of factors when looking to purchase the best electronic cigarette online like:

  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Ease of Use
  • Taste
  • Satisfaction
  • Authenticity In Relation To Tobacco Cigarettes
  • Product Safety
  • Selection of Nicotine Strengths

When looking for the best electronic cigarette brand, these factors should be taken into account at all times. Personal taste and brand appeal are other criterion that can be included into these aspects but the number one point is that when looking for the best electronic cigarette brand, due diligence is required on your end. Researching particular companies, products, and prices can help you go a long way in determining the right kit to match your style and budget.

Finding the right brand also comes with other basic considerations like the quality of the product as well as the variety of accessories available in each starter kit. Suffice it to say, not all electronic cigarette kits are made equal. Being an expensive brand doesn’t necessarily hold an edge over cheaper brands in terms of performance.

Availability, simplicity in use and even the satisfaction you get from using one vape brand over the other are also points that have to be raised when trying to find the best electronic cigarette brand. Electronic cigarettes typically come in either two or three piece designs and fluctuate widely in taste and performance which is dependent on the end user’s nicotine strength. Some will prefer a strong throat hit while others prefer a more measured hit that’s smooth.

Furthermore, the authenticity of using an electronic cigarette can often times be make or break for many electronic cigarette users. Mini-cig style electronic cigarettes are heavily favored among electronic cigarette users because of their size which is relative to tobacco cigarettes. Many electronic cigarettes are designed to look and feel like their traditional counterpart but offer consumers a degree of flexibility in how they use their electronic cigarette.

With the suggested criteria above, some of the best electronic cigarette brands available today are: V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, and SmokeStik. Below, we take a look at these brands.

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is one of those brands that is widely known for its commitment to creating the best electronic cigarette possible with their high performing products at a wide range of prices. Starting at $29.95 and going as high as $189.95, V2 Cigs has a starter kit available for anyone at the right budget. Their mid-range kits, in particular, are comparable in performance and cost to other brands but offer a significantly higher amount of cartridges than competitors. For those wanting to try before they buy, V2 Cigs also includes an inexpensive express kit that features just one unit with a limited number of accessories. Their kits typically conclude:

  • One Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Available In Automatic or Manual
  • Ten Flavor Cartridges
  • USB Charger With Wall Adapter
  • User Manual

South Beach Smoke

South Beach is pretty comparable to V2 Cigs but lacks the high number of available flavor cartridges per kit. Those looking to find the best electronic cigarette brand may be hard-pressed to rate this highly. But, in spite of that fact, South Beach Smoke is a tremendous value for those wanting a lovely three-piece electronic cigarette.

  • One Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • One Atomizer
  • Six assorted Flavor Cartridges
  • Three Chargers (USB, Wall, and Car)
  • Carrying Case

South Beach Smoke also goes a step further than other brands in that they offer their all new home delivery program. When opting in, consumers get an additional 20% discount when they buy electronic cigarette online lowering the initial upfront costs. Each of their kits offers a lifetime warranty and come with added member-only benefits and specials. For those who deal with electronic cigarettes on an almost weekly or monthly basis, having automatic home delivery of a starter kit is an added convenience.


SmokeStik is one of the top tier brands that consumers look to when they buy electronic cigarette online. Preferred by many for their authentic tobacco taste and tantalizingly strong throat hit, SmokeStik is rated as the closest product to a tobacco cigarette without actually being one. The lack of tobacco smoke, ashy residue and odor are big plusses that are intensified even more with SmokeStik brand electronic cigarettes.

Their mid-range kit, priced at $79.95 is comparable to the kits found in the two above brands. Included in each starter kit is:

  • Two Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Three Cartridges
  • Three Chargers (USB, Wall, and Car)
  • User Manual

When looking for the best electronic cigarette brand, users should note several factors when trying to find the best one. While the three vape brands listed above are just a few of many electronic cigarette brands, they represent the best of a small number of equally wonderful electronic cigarettes. When trying to find the right electronic cigarette for you, do your research.